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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  October 27, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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gymnasium to hear from the republican presidential candidate. trump joked about no longer leading the polls in iowa. he said some of his advisors even suggested skipping over iowa, but he said, "no way." donald trump says, "i have such an unbelieveable relationship with the people from iowa. i think we're going to win, i really do. i believe it. i hate to say it, but the last long number of elections on the republican circut, the person that won iowa did not get the nomination. i want to take away some of your mustard, so please do me a favor and let me win iowa." but, just out today... for the first time since july, a national poll shows trump trailing ben carson, as well. however, the support in this room for trump was clear, including from minority voters members. trump's comments about the military largest applause of the night. trump says, " you
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good.and i'll build up our military, so they're so strong, incredible, nobody's gonna mess around. 're never going to have to e it. our vets are not being treated as well as illegial immigrants. i'm gonna take care after his more than 60 minute speech, trump signed autrographs - books to footballs. jenna: trump supporters were excited to hear from the candidate tonight. people came from all three siouxland states to attend the rally. "oh i think that what he says he's very truthful and i believe him. and i think he says what he's gonna do, he's gonna do it." says gary johnson. "trump honestly is the real deal. all of these politicians, like he said, they're just the same old thing and i really believe that trump is a businessman, he's a negotiator and h h can get america back to where we e ed to be." says tess wilson. this is trump last stop before the next republican debate. that's tomorrow
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next republican debate. that's tomorrow night in colorado. jenna: not everyone was happy that trump was in town. outside the west high gym... a large group of protesters gathered. tim: they don't think trump is s sding the right ssage to sioux city students. deborah souverain tells us more. "" natpop - crowd yelling more than 200 prestors.. carrying signs...marched to west high school tuesday... with one message.. "he is a bully, the school is known for its anti-bullying policies and that's what we based this entire event over," francisco valadez, protest organizer. the protestors...who weren't allowed on school property.. gathered just hours before a donald trump p lly at west hihi. the grououis speaking out against the g-o-p presidential candidate...and his controversial comments on immigration. bridge: "donald trump is outspoken and a lot of people are drawn to that however this group of protestors say he's a bully and they want their message heard," said deborah news. "when you start out your presidential race by disparaging us, demonizing us, way that mr. trump you to be a leader. i just don't think that's what our school's should sarah h otester "everyone has the opinion,n,ut the
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thing is the things he says arar discriminatory," said derek solis, student protestor "it's not about lture or where you're from it's about being peaceful and respectful and being unifying and instead of defiding each other and that's the way i think it should be," said valadez, protest organizer. protest organizers say their main goal is get more people engaged in the politicial process..regardless of who you support. jenna: the road to the white house continues to wind through siouxland with a big republican even on friday. that's when the northwest iowa republican rally will be held in orange city. rick santotom, marco rubio,o, carly y orina, and chris christie... ll be there. the event begins at 7 p-m at the bultman center on the northwestern college campus. jenna: a new poll shows hillary clinton with a commanding
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lead in the iowa democratic presidential caucus. a monmouth university poll shows 65-percent of likely democratic caucus-g-grs back clinton. senator bernie sanders has 24- percent.t. the poll i ithe first out after vice president joe biden announced he won't run for the white house next year... and since clinton's appearance last week before the congressional panel investigating benghazi. tim: people often wonder how well presidential polls can predict the winner of an election... well, there might be a better way of forcasting the future president. amanda krenz shows us how you don't have to look any further than your local stume shop. amanda intro 27:06 there's actually research that shows the more popoular a halloween costume, the better the candidate does in an election... with the trump factor that may not be case. past presidents, like kennedy and reagon... former first ladies... and the current commander and chief make for very popular halloween costumes. cathy 17:50 do you have hillary's business suits, that type of thing. this halloween, with the iowa caucuses about three months away... it's the candidide running for r fice that are winning the
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popularity contests. at the theatrical shop in valley junction, customers are mostly shopping for hillary clinton and donald trump masks. of course with trump you have the option of a wig and hat as well... which makes him the more popular purchase here. cathy 17:28 the new election coming up, the most popular in the polls is the more popular on purchases. and there have actually been studies done to show that halloween masks can predict winners. there's a theory in the costume business that the winner in every election since 1980 has been thehe candidate whose masks were most t popular on halloween. here's a look at the numbers from the spirit halloween index for the past five elections. (fs) you can see the person who won the presidency, also sold the most halloween masks in that election year. but if you ask the owner of this halloween express, there could be a shakeup this time around. brian 22:14 donald trump has definitely been the most popular one, we stocked deep in him. reorders across the country. but brian olsen says in this case, the most popular mask doesn't necessarly translate to the customer's topick for president. brian 23:33 i think we get a spllit with donald trump of favortism or dislike. many people are coming in who plan on wearing this as a joke or gag against donald trump. no matter what reason people have
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whether or not the sales will predict the winner of the caucuses or general election... these candidates faces... and hairstyles... are a huge hit at halloween retailers. amamda tag 27:47 if you want to be donald t tmp, you better hurry, supplies are moving quickly. in des moines, amanda krenz, abc9 news jenna:
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the house oversight committee have introduced a resolution calling for the impeachment of irs commissioner josh koskinen. he took over the reins at the tax agency after an official there admitted targeting conservative nonprofits in the last presidential campaign. the justice department recently closed its investigatioio into the matter without filing charges against anyone. but republicans say koskinen has not complied with their investigation. committee chairman jason chaffetz said in a committee chairman jason chaffetz said in a statement that koskinen destroyed documents and misled the public. the irs said tuesday it did not have an immediate comment on the resolution. tim: a new south sioux city law has some city leaders butting heads with propery owrs.. south sioux city has passed a new ordinance for rental inspections that will take effect in march. with the n ordinance, property owners must follow a checklist of maintence codes. the rental inspection board emphasizes the
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importance of safety and health in living environments. "we're concerned about the health and safety of the occupants," said randy meyer, chairman of the rental inspection board. "and we're goininto go in and make sure there are no violations". . members of the ordinance board feel the updated dwelling law will create a safer environment for occupants. this new ordinance for rental inspections was created under the leadership of a diverse group of south sioux city citizens including the mayor, landowners, a homeowner, as well as attorneys and paralegals, giving a voice for every group affected by the new law. jenna: whether you u nt or own, you may be able to look forward to lower heating bills this winter. that's thanks to predictions of warmer weather in t eastern u-s in the coming weeks ... ... courtesy of the weather phenomenon known as "el nio". that warmer weather is expected to lower demand for fuel during the winter, resulting in an above- average stockpile. monday, natural gas prices tumbled nine- percent to a more than three-year low. prpres have fallen
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prices have fallen 20-percent this month alone. tim: one town in iowa decrease the cans they have, solar power to do it (fred) tonight's ask fred question is "what is the warmest halloween on about halloween this year? will we stay dry? warm or cold? your forecast is coming up! " " jenna: in iowa city they are testing the idea of solar powered "smart garbage cans" to
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powered "smart garbage cans" to help reduce the ammount of garbage around
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" "
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(tim) fred, what's the big story in the weather department? (fred) honestly, the wind tomorrow! gusts could reach 40 mph! 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows showers ininastern siouxland mainly. rainvision shows that g gerally less than a tenth of an inch of rain has fallen across eastern siouxland.
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the port neal welding company skycam hd shows the scene in sioux city centre. 60 was our low of 38. pollen levels today are low overall. i isioux grees. local from the upper 40s to lower 50s. nds are from the east/southeast at 5 miles per hour for most of us, but look have already there, and that is the wind that we will see in siouxland wide. lower visibility where we have had 2.5 miles in cherokee. the regional satellite and radar shows most of the rain east of us, and not too much more to the west, so expect showersrso wind down afafr midnight. the stmcast hd shows low pressure over illinois, the source of our showers. as the low lifts north tomorrow, our showers will end but strong winds will build in. winds will tame down thursday as high pressure and sunshine builds in. but friday morning, another round of sub-freezing temperatures will be seen. the forecast shows a low of 43 tonight and scattered showers. winds will become breezy after midnight. tomorrow, expect a partly cloudy sky and a high of 50. winds will gust to 40 miles per ur from the nonohwest. the 7-day forecast shows a chance of showers
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late friday and early saturday, but we will be drying out by the time saturday night coees around. set your clocks back an hour saturday night before you go to bed. tonight's ask fred question is "what is the warmest halloween on record?" the answer is that we had a very warm high of 44 degrees on halloween in 1944. that would make most costumes quitit uncomfortable! our winner is karen k, via email. tonight's ask fred prize is 4 tickets to see the muskies vs. omaha on november 6. email your weather question to fhexom@kcautv.c
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or enter on our facebook page. also, don't miss my winter weather forecast this thursday on abc9 news at 10! (jenna) thanks, fred! (fred) you bet! coming up in sports...the road to cedar rapids continued tonight for 1-a and 2-a a schools. we'll head to correctitiville and see e kingngey-pierson coululpull an upset. tim plus4lawton- bronson battled m-v-a-o for the third time this year with a spot in the regional semifinals on the line. highlights from
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2 a will be playing at the state volleyball tournament in cedar rapids. tonight, four western valley conference teams squared off in regional quarterfinals. we'll start in 2- a...number 12 lawton bronson looking to go 3-0 against mvao this year. but it's the rams that come out firing...leslie gosch...goes cross court with one and itit 4-0. then baiaiy wessling serves up the ace...mvao is out to a 7-1 lead. but here come the eagles...ali verzani, stops t run with a hea swing to cut the lead to four. then it's jadin wagner...from the
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continues to chip away. later in the set...the eagles finally break through...jenna wede serves up the ace...they take their first t ad of the night at 13-12. then for good measure, verzani smashes it off the block...lawton- bronson storms back and takes it in straight sets. in class 1a...kingsley- pierson battling number 14 siouxland community christian. knotted at 1 set a piece...sherrel grant...starts the third off right...with the big block to tie it up. and it was back and forth early.....chel mercer...t.t hot to handle fromthe's 8 a side. but then the panthers go on a roll...allison bailey crushes one home...and this little dude is loving it. then mercer, getting it done on the up 21-14, closing in on the set. but back come the eagles...courtney nelson gets the block...they would battle
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point...mckenze carlson finishes it off with a kill...and the panthers go on to get the upset win, 3-1. high school football takes center stage here in iowa tomorrow night. 25 siouxland teams begin their road to the uni dome and we'll have action from 10 games for you on a special wednesday night sportszone half hour show. we'll kiki things off at 6:15 in marcus whehei'll be joined d mmc head coach kyle oswald and kingsley-pierson head coach brent koedam to preview their 8- man matchup. chris: believe it or not, this date was the last time both the mets and royals won a world series. for kc, it came in game seven of the 1985 fall classic against st. louis; for the mets, game seven of the 1986 world series against the red sox. one of those title droughts going to end this year. game one at kauffman stadium. and this hasn't happened since 1903...alcides escobar to lead
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going to run 360 feet all the way home, the lead off inside the park homer...1-0 royals in unbelievable fashion. it would stay that score into the fourth...travis d'arnaud rips a shot...mike moustakas can't handle it at the hot corner...daniel murphy scores and d 's 1-1. in the next inning, we'd be tied no more. curtis granderson...gets enough on it to clear the wall in right...mets take the lead...they'd take it for good in the 8th. one of those title droughts going to end this year. unfortunately we're unable to show you when they travel to northern iowa to take on the number 22 panthers. record wise, this isn't the same uni team that fans have grown accustomed to. the panthers are just 2-4 overall and near the bottom of the missssri valley confnfence. the yotete on the other r nd, have won twtwstraight to impmpve t3 and 2 and 2 in the mvc. even though usd is the favorite by record, coach joe glenn knows it won't be an easy game. joe glenn--"they have a defense that keeps everybody down around 15 points. really strong defense, that's their strong suit, and they've got a running quarterback. big, 6'2", 225 pound guy, he's fast and can execute the option to perfection. so our defense is going
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to have to hold up in the run, our offense is going to have to put probably 20 points on the board to win this game and hope that our defense can play tough and hold them under 20 points and come out of there with a victory." the yotes stunned the panthers in double overtime in their last tripip to the unidome. kick off is at 1 pm saturday in cedar falls.
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they carved abc9 pumpkins! you can submit a picture of your jack-o-lanterns by posting on our abc9 news facebook page. they'll shshe photos in our
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(fred) radar shows showers mainly in eastern siouxland. the forecast shows a low of 43 tonight showers. winds will become breezy after midnight. tomorrow, expect a partly cloudy sky and a high of 50. winds will gust to 40 miles per hour from the northwest. the 7-day forecaca shows a chance of showers late friday y d early saturday, but we will be drying out by the time saturday night comes around. set your clocks back an hour saturdayight before you go to
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dear future, please help. the present is kind of a scary place.
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i feel completely helpless. but i hear good things about you, future. like i'll have hair, and friends, and books and music.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, julie bowen and carrie underwood, with cleto and the cletones. and now, not mistaken, here's jimmy kimmel!
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>> jimmy: welcome. very nice. thank you. hi, everybody. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. i want to admit something right up front. i'mnly going to be -- very nice. appreciate it. i'm going to be paying about half attention during the show tonight because i'm distracted because the world series is on. game game one of the world series, kansas city, royals versus mets. guys over here in royals jerseys. please have them escorted from the building. it's a long overdue match-up. the last time royals o o mets won world series was 1985 and 1986. the games preempted new episodes of "who's the boss" and "matlock." it's been a while. my cousin sal and i had the misfortune of being born mets
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